CANTO Conference 2022


Welcome, Delegates of #CANTO2022!

Enjoy a breath of fresh air on your digital transformation journey with SaskTel International.

We’ve been in the telecom business for a long time. 114 years to be exact. We’ve struggled and celebrated through the industry’s challenges and advancements, and have gained over a century of experience that we are able to share with our partners. From communications consulting on the Chunnel to building fiber networks in Africa, and recently partnering with Aliv to engineer a new wireless network, there’s a level of expertise within our organization that only comes from being there and doing it.

Digital transformation is a journey that we’re on too. Give us a call and let’s get there together. 



Software Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

As you move along the path of digital transformation, cost savings and efficiencies will be found through automation. For example, automatic assignment and activation of service orders will result in improved customer experiences plus add profitability to the bottom line.

Intelligent solutions such as SI’s Optius Platform will provide insight into a customer’s subscriptions and will identify the actual services that are available based on network capabilities and location.

Optius will automate provisioning and network programming by automatically determining the best network path and network components to provision services in real time. 

empowering Zero touch

  • Manage multiple networks
    including Fiber-to-the-Premise
  • Optimize network capacity
  • Automated assignment
  • Zero touch activation
  • Enables self-serve models
  • Operational efficiencies for field
  • Increase ARPU through faster
    activation cycle

Professional Services and Consulting

SaskTel International provides a wide range of professional services for CSPs and ICT companies.

With our clients, we plan from concept through deployment, working through their business lifecycle to provide advice, prepare ideas, develop a plan, design a solution, implement the solution, monitor operations, and optimize processes.

Our qualified resources are not only sourced internally but also from our parent service provider, SaskTel. This translates into an ability to understand the unique challenges of our clients and leverage over a century of insights, expertise, experience, and lessons-learned from someone who’s been there before.

Strategic Consulting Services

SaskTel International’s operational consultants are experts, sourced directly from a successful operating solutions provider – SaskTel. Working closely with you, we identify your unique needs and challenges to build strategies to help you develop operational efficiency.

Existing processes and operations are analyzed to identify gaps, areas for improvement, and new solutions to transform operations. The result is optimized operations that enable service providers to realize new efficiencies, enhanced customer experience, and reduced operational expense.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

The goal of digital transformation should be driven by a strategy to improve customer experience through accurate and flexible service delivery windows that lead to potential up-sell opportunities and reduced churn. Accurate and real-time data instills confidence across the entire organization and supports informed decision-making through the use of metrics and network visibility.

SaskTel International makes managing your network easier by providing industry-proven solutions that enable optimized flow-through provisioning of services. SaskTel International can help you operate more efficiently by automating business processes and giving you visibility into accurate network inventory. Doing so will allow you to decrease operating complexity, reduce costs and improve your customer experience.