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Established in 1986, SaskTel International (SI) is an innovative software development and professional services company providing solutions to communication service providers (CSPs) globally.

SI is a fully-owned subsidiary of a full-service ICT and telecommunications company, SaskTel. Our solutions help organizations with digital transformation and optimization of systems and networks to create competitive advantage and increase profitability. SI leverages its unique relationship with SaskTel through access to a pool of over 3000 experts.

Global Project Successes

Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Madhyah Pradesh Province, India
Seattle, Washington, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Morogo, Dar Es Salaam, Dodoma, Tanzania
Tete, Mozambique
550 communities in the Philippines

Industry Firsts

SaskTel is a leading-edge service provider with over 110 years of operating experience including several lessons-learned, development of best practices, successes, and industry firsts. As a consistent early adopter of new telecommunications technologies, SaskTel’s history of firsts include:

The first telecom in the world to deploy an end-to-end backhaul fiber network.

The first telecom to deploy a Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network in North America.

One of the first in North America to offer IPTV & associated services such as Video-On-Demand & Personal Video Recorder (PVR) capabilities.

Collaboration on one of the largest construction projects of the 20th century, the English Channel Tunnel.

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Our History

Proven Solutions for Over 35 Years:

Established in 1986, SaskTel International is a leading-edge software and professional services company providing solutions to communication service providers worldwide.

Unique Resource Model:

Direct access to SaskTel’s knowledge, experience, and resources allows us to provide comprehensive services in managing and operating a communication services company.

Through this partnership, SaskTel International provides proven solutions that work in a production CSP environment, while having access to a pool of 3,000 employees and subject matter experts for client engagements.

Quick Facts

Established: 1986 as a subsidiary to SaskTel – a leading-edge tier 2 Canadian CSP/ICT company.

Headquarters: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Experience: Software and Professional Services in over 40 Countries and 6 Continents

Ownership: SaskTel International is a fully-owned subsidiary of a full-service telecommunications company, SaskTel, who has over $1.3 billion in annual revenue and 1.4 million customer connections.

Our Mission: SaskTel International works with CSPs around the globe to provide strategic consulting, professional services, and OSS/BSS software solutions to overcome industry challenges. 

Our Parent Company is a  ICT and Telecom Service Provder

Unique to the industry is our ability to leverage a one-of-a-kind relationship as the subsidiary of a world-leading service provider.

Why SI is your trusted Partner

personalized partnerships

Personalized Partnerships

Our solutions are proven to be scalable and customizable to suit the needs of each of our unique clients. We understand the complexities of operating and provide you with a boutique style customer experience as a trusted partner with real-world telecom expertise.

customer service

Leading with Customer Service

Clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our solutions are proven and tested by our parent company SaskTel, before they ever reach you. 

partnerships with people


SaskTel International was established in 1986 as a subsidiary of SaskTel, a multi-service communications provider with over a century of successful operating experience. SI leverages the expertise, industry firsts, lessons-learned, and resources of an industry-leading service provider and delivers this value on a global scale.

110 years of telecommunications


Our parent company, SaskTel, is a century-old operating provider with multiple industry firsts. SaskTel owns and operates Saskatchewan’s largest network that connects 99% of the population over a vast area of 651,900 square kilometres. Recognized as a global leader in telecommunications, SaskTel has completed many large-scale and innovative projects over its many decades in business.