RFP Review and Assessment





Engagement Type

Strategic Consulting Services


Algerian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MoPT)

SaskTel International (SI) was contracted by the Algerian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MoPT) to provide a review and assessment of an RFP for the procurement of 500,000 GMS lines. The objective of the review was to ensure that the RFP addressed the proper and sufficient information was provided to define the requirements of the network and the roles and responsibilities of the parties interested in building the network. As part of the project, SI put forward its objective opinion and recommendations based on the review.

SI provided services as an expert in GSM systems specifications and procurement, advising the MoPT in Algeria. SI reviewed a MoPT tender for the procurement of 500,000 lines of GSM switching, with associated radio network and support systems. SI reviewed all aspects of this draft document with an objective of optimizing the procurement activity and overall network provisioning. In particular, SI provided a review of:

  • Technical Specification
  • Commercial Terms and Conditions
  • Network Integration Issues
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